I’m a Mac and I’m also a tosser

I can’t stand the smugness of those Get a Mac adverts with Mitchell and Webb in them. I especially hate the one that says Macs never crash. That’s just bullshit. I’m sure OS X is better, but the last Mac I used crashed all the time. As for this PC with Windows XP — for […]


How can three little letters be so offensive? Steve Jobs on his new gizmo (via Guardian Technology blog): It’s called iTV. That’s a codeword. We need to come up with a better name. Sir Peter Burt on the name of his company: I wonder if we should change the name of the company from ITV. […]

FM3’s Buddha Machine: Cheap but awesome!

I first heard about the Buddha Machine from this post at Boing Boing. It certainly grabbed my attention, but at the time it was not so easy to get hold of. Then Boomkat began to sell them and their article was a highly interesting read, and I decided to get one. If you’ve not heard […]

Don’t you see I have important things to do like listen to music?

Somebody has designed a smart little sticker for the iPod Shuffle that signifies whether or not you’re prepared to have a conversation! This design is a visual interpretation of one aspect from my current study about Acoustical Privacy: the iPod as a potential indicator for “non-communication”. Through a playful approach the sticker either strengthens the […]

Phones: they make great phones!

Here is iRiver’s “PSP killer”, the G10 (via New Links). Looks nice, but the PSP is bound to win for two reasons: WipEout Pure (a return to form for the WipEout series!) Lumines (the most addictive puzzle game I’ve played in ages) While we’re on fancy new-fangled gadgets, I’ve been hearing one or two people […]

Buggr off

So Apple’s new combination of the mobile phone and MP3 player (only years after everybody else got in on the act) is called the Rokr. The new version of HitMaps is called ClustrMaps. Damn you Flickr! Because of the dazzlingly successful photo sharing website’s success there is now a ridiculous trend to ditch the ‘e’ […]

Right click

There are plenty of things to complain about Macs, the one I never got was the whole right-click thing. Everything you could do with a right-click could be done with a ctrl-click. Are people really that lazy? Anyway, Apple are coming up with a two-button mouse. Via New Links.