100,000 scrobbles

Around a year ago I wrote a post that analysed the year’s activity on Last.fm. For those who don’t know, Last.fm is a website that tracks your music listening habits. It produces lovely graphs and churns out recommendations as well as providing tailored radio stations for you to listen to at your leisure. I adore […]

Music is so pretty, but it’s the wrong size

The other day I came across another interesting website from Spatial Literacy (you know them, they did that Surname Profiler). With this new website you type in your postcode and it tells you where you fit into ‘e-Society‘ (via Ben Metcalfe). Apparently people in my postcode fall into categories “D : E for entertainment and […]

Excellent live Ae, AFX, BOC, Squarepusher, μ-ziq MP3s

I know there are a few readers of this blog now who are fans of these sorts of artists. Right now the Featured Artists section of WATMM is an excellent place to get your hands on some brilliant live MP3s. Right now I’m listening to a high-quality MP3 of Autechre’s set from last year’s gig […]

Chris Clark — Throttle Furniture

Chris Clark’s first album, Clarence Park, was one of the albums that really grabbed me when I was first getting into Warpy electronic IDM whatever music. He seemed to be an exciting prospect, but I didn’t quite fully get into the EP and album he released in 2003. Well, now Chris Clark has finally re-emerged […]

Back properly this time

Phew. The essays (sub-standard, unfortunately) have been handed in. It’s all old news now, so normal service will now resume! Just a quick note. If you’re reading via an RSS feed and you’re interested in the reviews I’m writing for Speakers Push the Air, I haven’t been putting the links in actual posts for a […]


Part 10 of AFX’s eleven-part Analord series arrived this week. Strangely, Analord 10 was the first of the series to be released, but only if you were prepared to pay some silly amount for a binder to hold it in. Now Analord 10 has been re-released as a picture disc. Lovely. The only problem is […]