How should politics be reformed?: Part 1

The crisis currently facing politics in the UK is massive. Citizens feel detached from the political process and trust in politicians is rock-bottom. It’s been widely noted that this is a perfect opportunity to reform the rotten system. I only want to briefly cover the main ideas for reform, so I will use The Guardian’s […]

The Conservative dimension

As for other aspects of the Glasgow East result, the collapse of the Lib Dems in particular can be put down to the fact that the two main parties are broadly centre-left. So Lib Dem voters will have been especially more willing to lend their vote to one of the main parties. Conservatives will be […]

The snooty views of Christopher Harvie

Oh dear. SNP MSP Christopher Harvie has found himself in a spot of bother for comments he has made about Lockerbie and the Scottish yoof. On getting to Lockerbie, I discovered that the place is a dump – it was Tescotown. It should really have a certain attraction of a rather sombre kind as a […]

Why the voting system sucks

The Herald today, via The Sharpener, has an article called Why Scots are cynical about politicians. A better headline would be, “Why the voting system sucks”. The research sums up what I could have told you: …the Scottish electoral landscape… is complex and confusing. With the reduction of MPs from 72 to 59 – reflecting […]

Holyrood’s electoral wiggle

Report seeks electoral shake-up. I’ve never been keen on the idea of there being two different types of MSP. I also dislike any form of list system because it involves voting for a party rather than an individual, so all the politicians concentrate on trying to impress party big-wigs rather than the voters (not that […]