A selection of good 404 error messages. Mine is pretty boring. That’s all I have to add really… Via PooterGeek.

Button maker – with images!

I’ve stopped using those Steal These buttons so obsessively. If only this button maker was around at the time. It is now so much easier to put images on the buttons. Via New Links.

I can see you

Not really. But I do have a vague idea of where you are. You see, I put one of those groovy Hit Maps on the blog a few days ago (near the bottom of the middle column), and the first results are in! It’s all very interesting. I’m surprised by the diversity of the locations […]

New funniest blog in the world

The award goes to HA HA HA for his blog, or bogol. i was drivin this mornign an a cop stoped me an he was like ‘do u kno how fast u we’re going’ an i said yeah i was goin prety damn fast. but i was doign it ironicly.

Pillows for lonely people

What do you think when you see something like this – the Hizamakura lap pillow? Who needs women when you have the ‘Hizamakura’ lap pillow? Is it the same thing you think when you see the Boyfriend Arm Pillow? …one thinks of all those anti-family “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a […]