More election sites

Tim Ireland’s Backing Blair is up. I don’t think I’m backing Backing Blair though. …when the election comes around, we want people who live in ‘safe’ Labour seats or marginal ones to vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Labour candidate. Not the anti-war-person, or the seems-like-a-nice-person, but the candidate most likely to […]

Conservative blog relaunched

James Malcolm’s blog, U.K Future, has been relaunched. He is a Conservative, and we don’t always see eye-to-eye. But I like his blog because it sets its own agenda, which can be a nice breather if 95% of all political bloggers are posting about the same things. Err yeah, and I gave him a hand […]

Keep your heads low

I’ve been making more changes this time. Permalinks have changed. Old ones will still work but new ones are groovier. The last time I tried this, the whole thing collapsed, but I think I’ve done it correctly this time. But this is just a warning just in case – if anything has gone wrong please […]


Blogging awards, eh? Personally, I hate them all. Except for the ones which this blog is nominated for. So I hate them all. Actually, I simply think there are too many. The Guardian had a good one last year, but I think it’s over a year since the last one so it was perhaps just […]

“…an area the size of Wales”

How vast is your chopped-down rainforest? How long is that security barrier? How tall are your new corporate headquarters? How big is the EC wine lake? Just how heavy is John Prescott? Find out at An area the size of Wales. Via The Liberal Dissenter.

Bill Gates

Exactly how did he think these photos would turn out? And check out that Mac Classic in the background! Via Boing Boing.