Here is an interesting site about the English language: Wordcount. This is excellent for looking up swearwords. I’m surprised at how low some of them are actually… I’m not the only one looking up swearwords by the way — look at this (Thanks to Alan for pointing this out)! Duncan is more popular than gentlemen […]

NOTICE: Feeds and URLs may change

I’m posting this in every single category to make sure everybody who might need this gets it. I’ve decided that my categories are a mess, and tomorrow I’m going to attempt to clean them up a bit. I’ll be creating new categories, deleting rubbish old ones, and changing where they go. Some posts might end […]

F1 links

Max Mosley: Have problems with the FIA? Well don’t tell me about it then. Red Bull sign Coulthard for 2006. Update: Now the drivers are against Mosley aswell. Update: Mark Webber gets a potty mouth because he’s so angry with the FIA. Paul Stoddart is still angry aswell: The teams have had a gutful of […]

GPS for lost causes

I’m thinking that this isn’t real, but Onlineblog says: This sounds like a leftover from April 1, but so far, no one seems to think it’s a spoof. These panties will monitor the location of your daughter, wife or girlfriend 24 hours a day, and can even monitor their heart rate and body temperature. Based […]


Geograph is a very interesting project collecting photographs representing every square kilometre in the British Isles. At the moment there are three for Kirkcaldy (although technically two of them are for Dysart and one of them is practically there anyway). I might go out and take some photographs for it now! I just need to […]

F1 fans have their say (or not)

I’d quite like to be filling in the FIA’s survey asking — *gasp* — Formula 1 fans stuff like, you know, what would Formula 1 fans like Formula 1 to be like? Unfortunately for the server, too many Formula 1 fans want to have a say. Hmm.

Plagiarism II

So it seems as though it wasn’t a hoecs. Laura K. Krishna is a plagiarist dumb kid. You see, you’re not supposed to know her surname any more. Even though if you just scroll down you’ll see it. It must be pretty agonising for her. But it’s all her damn fault. I have no sympathy […]


Well these past couple of days have been heavy on the blog and especially the linklog. I was going to post this link down here to make sure it got more attention — I’m never sure if people check the linklog. And then I realised that despite the fact I only posted it yesterday, it’s […]

Fonts again

New Links have another site of free fonts up their sleeve. This time it’s a site dedicated to bands’ / films’ / videogames’ fonts. I was just thinking of writing another post about fonts, inspired by this thread on WATMM. I stand by my post: Arial is shit. Helvetica is a million times better. Comic […]