Halp! I’m squashed between Brian Taylor and Calum Cashley!

Sorry, this is all navel-gazing stuff. But since I mentioned it already, I should probably point out that the results are up. If this happened on the train I would probably be complaining quite vociferously. As it is, I lie between the Brian Taylor and Calum Cashley in Iain Dale’s top 40 Scottish political blogs, […]

My top ten political blogs

Well it seems as though everyone else has been doing it, especially on the Scottish blogs. It’s all in aid of the 2008-9 Guide to Political Blogging in the UK by Iain Dale. He’s asking everyone to vote you see. Last year, quite incredibly, this blog was named as the number 2 Scottish political blog […]

Heads-up for users of WordPress Automatic Upgrade and Flashblock

Yesterday WordPress 2.6 came out which is pretty unbelievable because it feels like WP 2.5 just came out last month. Anyway, a new version of WordPress comes with the necessity to upgrade and the hair-pulling that comes with it. My upgrades went fairly smoothly, but I did notice an issue with .swf files not being […]

An explanation for the quietness

Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting took the baton from me and listed his top 10 blogs (although unlike me, he concentrated just on Scottish political blogs). In the process, he accused this place of having “a scarcity of posts of late”. Guilty as charged. A number of elements have conspired against me when it comes […]

Hello? Is this thing on?

I’ve you’ve been trying to visit any of my websites for the past 36 hours or so, you will have been out of luck. It was all the fault of an exploding transformer (that’s the last time I call Optimus Prime ugly, boom boom). In that sense, I suppose I can be lucky that no […]

What’s happening here

First things first. I have upgraded to WordPress 2.5. The new admin panel takes a bit of getting used to, and it is a little bit buggy for my liking. But then again that is probably because I am using so many plugins. For the first time I upgraded using the astonishing WordPress Automatic Upgrade […]

A reminder: vee8

I have already posted this, but I am mentioning it again as it’s the start of the new season and a lot of people may have missed the original post. If you are coming here looking for posts about Formula 1, then I should let you know that I have set up a separate F1 […]

I have launched a new blog: vee8

You may know that for some time I have considered separating the Formula 1 content from this blog and posting it in a separate blog. I know that a lot of readers here are not very interested in Formula 1. And at times — particularly towards the end of an exciting season — this place […]

Yes, everything from the past seven days is gone

Well something big happened last night because for around an hour last night if you visited this blog you will have got a 500 Internal Server Error. Then it was fixed, but there was a problem. The blog looked the way it did seven days ago — and everything that has happened since has gone. […]

New comments policy

Recently I have noticed a disturbing trend that is making the battle against spam harder. Normally the way you tell a legitimate commenter from a spammer is to check that the comment is on-topic and free of bad links. Increasingly, I am finding more and more spam commenters whose writing is certainly on-topic. It doesn’t […]