Scottish Roundup – handing over the reins

I have decided to take a sabbatical from Scottish Roundup. Since setting it up almost four years ago, I don’t think there has been a week where I haven’t been trying to gather nominations, arrange the rota of guest editors or actually produce the roundup itself. But I have much less spare time on my […]

The future of this blog

The observant among you may have spotted that it is a month since I wrote a post for this blog. It is interesting that I have not even found the motivation to write about the General Election. This is not a conscious decision — I genuinely have not been moved enough to put finger to […]

Apologies for the work going on on this blog

Hi everyone. I hope to be updating more regularly soon, but as part of the process of reaching that stage, I am currently importing many of the old articles I wrote for my other blog, vee8. Apologies if there are any problems for the time being as a result.

Scotblogs Awards – Top 100 Scottish blogs revealed

I never got a chance to say so here, but many readers will know that for the past couple of weeks I have been, bit by bit, revealing the winners of the first ever Scotblogs Awards. Today it is time to reveal the top 100 blogs. I have decided to post the top 100 here […]

Voting in the Scotblogs awards has begun

I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit (what’s new?). This week, this has been because most of my blog time has been spent on the Scotblogs awards. The voting phase began on this week, and will continue until 8pm on Wednesday 27 January. For the full details, visit the Scotblogs awards page on Scottish Roundup.

Merry Christmas — looking back and forward

I would like to wish everyone who still reads this a very merry Christmas. As time has gone on, my updates have become increasingly sporadic. I am surprised and touched that people keep coming back to read and comment on what I have written. Looking back, I have actually written almost a hundred articles for […]

Another successful bloggers’ meetup

As you have no doubt seen if you are a regular reader, there was a meetup of bloggers on Thursday. What a good evening it was too — plenty of friendly chit-chat and drinks. So thanks to those who came and made it such a great evening: Stephen Jeff Sara Malc Andrew Jess the Dog […]

Final meetup plans

Apologies for the lack of proper material here. It’s all been meetup chat for the past couple of weeks, for which I apologise. Hopefully normal service will soon resume (whatever “normal service” is round here). I need to tie up a few of the loose ends which were present in the last update about the […]

Meetup information — date settled

The votes are in, and 27 August won by one vote! (I know it looks like it won by two votes, but one person had to change their plan after they’d already voted.) I would actually have preferred the 25th and I was sorely tempted to ignore the vote, but we wouldn’t want another Scottish […]

Meetup latest: vote on our plans

A meetup of bloggers is planned for next week in Edinburgh. Having looked at the initial round of feedback, I have decided that two dates in particular stand out as the most suitable: 25 or 27 August. Alternative possibilities are 26 or 28 August. Personally, I am erring towards 25 August, but if more people […]