How I watch Formula 1

Last week Ollie at BlogF1 wrote about the set-up he uses at home to watch Formula 1. He threw the question back to his readers: how do you watch F1? Here is my answer. If you click through to the photo’s Flickr page you will see the notes I have written to explain everything. But […]

Yet more downtime…

If you tried to visit here on Monday evening, Tuesday, or Wednesday morning, you might well have noticed that once again this site was down. This time it was due to a different matter. Hopefully this has been resolved so that there won’t be any more of these shenanigans. Typical, though, that the downtime should […]

An explanation for the lack of updates

The truth is, since my exams finished I’ve been concentrating more on relaxing than anything else. Also, if you tried to visit on Sunday you will have been unsuccessful. That’s because a fire knocked out my host for around 36 hours. All back to normal now though, phew. However, the Sunday downtime has meant that […]

It’s official: vee8 is prestigious

Thanks to Juan H for politely reintroducing readers of Ed Gorman’s blog to my writing. Regarding some of the comments on the bias of British press, and Hamilton hype, I was happy to read this in a prestigious (I think it is in F1) non-Spanish blog on this subject, from Mr. Doctorvee (alis Duncan Stephen) […]

A bit on the Side(podcast)

I have been moonlighting. I finally found a bit of time to send a voicemail to Sidepodcast and it’s in this week’s podcast. My message is in two parts. The first part in the ‘News and views’ chapter is an exclusive rant about Jean Todt, particularly the rumours surrounding the FIA Presidency. And his height. […]

Participating in F1Fanatic’s live comments tonight

Last night I wrote about the different options for discussing the action with other fans as it happens. In the end, in addition to updating Twitter, I spent my time in the F1Fanatic live comments section. It was very busy trying to keep my eye on four different screens at once, but I really enjoyed […]

Guest post on BlogF1

The F1 blogosphere (unlike many other blogospheres) is a really friendly place. Ollie White noted recently that it was a good day in the F1 blogosphere. But in my experience the F1 blogosphere is a nice fuzzy place anyway. This is typified by the number of guest posts you see. Right now two of the […]

Invitation to all readers: write for vee8

When I was thinking about setting up vee8, I felt very aware that one of the major drawbacks would be the fact that I am not in a position to post as often as many of the great F1 blogs already exist. Most importantly, I don’t have the time to dedicate to it. I have […]

Welcome to vee8!

Welcome to vee8, my new Formula 1 blog. Yes, I finally decided to separate the F1 content from my main blog. I will continue to maintain, but by starting vee8 I don’t have to worry about overwhelming it with F1 content. A lot of my readers are not so keen on F1, but it […]

Launching soon

vee8 will be launching very soon. I will post more information on my future plans for this website in the next couple of days. In the meantime, enjoy the daily news roundups that will appear here every day at 3pm GMT.