Max Must Go

2005 Formula 1 British Grand Prix

Another disappointing race, but there were more incidents than there were in France. The McLarens looked superb once again. Juan Pablo Montoya’s start was fantastic, and that’s probably what sealed the win for him, as well as just managing to snatch the lead after Alonso’s first pit stop. There’s not much else to say, except […]


Eight teams were ready to leave Formula 1 to set up GPWC two years ahead of schedule.

F1 links

Max Mosley: Have problems with the FIA? Well don’t tell me about it then. Red Bull sign Coulthard for 2006. Update: Now the drivers are against Mosley aswell. Update: Mark Webber gets a potty mouth because he’s so angry with the FIA. Paul Stoddart is still angry aswell: The teams have had a gutful of […]

Michelin responds

Edouard Michelin, the Michelin (boss) man, has written an angry letter to Max Mosley. Over the last days, you have repeatedly blamed us in the press, directly or indirectly. Will you at least recognize publicly that we have taken a courageous, honest and transparent stance for the safety of the pilots? I hope you will […]

Who cares about F1 when there’s the beach?

The problem with Max Mosley: All the time in this job you’re trying to solve other people’s problems. You sit in an office in Monaco slaving away and you could be on the beach or having a nice lunch. It’s crazy. Aww, poor Max. He was so busy fucking up the sport that he’s head […]

Fans respond

F1 fans have their say part 2. Funny that most of them seem to be calling for Max Mosley to go. I wonder why!… Update: I couldn’t agree more with this post.

More FIArrari lunacy

Sorry to go on about Formula 1 again. But if you ever needed an example of just how idiotic the FIA are being, read this: We hear that the FIA has ordered Michelin to supply it with full details of all of its tyre failures in recent times and that the federation has instructed the […]

End the F1 tyre fiasco

For a while now, I have wanted to see the end of the tyre war in Formula 1. When Bridgestone first entered Formula 1, joining Goodyear in 1997, I was quite excited about it. Another variable; can’t be a bad thing, right? And it wasn’t at first. But since Michelin entered the fray Formula 1 […]