Back properly this time

Phew. The essays (sub-standard, unfortunately) have been handed in. It’s all old news now, so normal service will now resume! Just a quick note. If you’re reading via an RSS feed and you’re interested in the reviews I’m writing for Speakers Push the Air, I haven’t been putting the links in actual posts for a […]

Jackson review

Another review up on Speakers: Jackson and His Computer Band — Smash. If you’re sensible you’ll buy this tomorrow.

Remembranza review (alliteration, see?)

A regular in the comments around these parts, Adam Park, is a big-wig at the music website Speakers Push the Air. Apparently my writing is good or something, so he’s asked me to write reviews and that sort of thing for the website. Brave guy. My first review is up there. Alright! And here it […]