I’m a Mac and I’m also a tosser

I can’t stand the smugness of those Get a Mac adverts with Mitchell and Webb in them. I especially hate the one that says Macs never crash. That’s just bullshit. I’m sure OS X is better, but the last Mac I used crashed all the time. As for this PC with Windows XP — for […]

Sometimes bad people die as well

Razzamatazz complains that everybody who dies is described in nothing but glowing terms. They are never described as a shithouse (Via Scaryduck). But there is one person whose epitaph is rather disrespectful. Now, who can come up with an acrostic that spells ‘shithouse’?

Stupid drivers get it up the bum

It’s this sort of behaviour that makes me really hate drivers. I mean, really. How desperate to save time do you have to be to try this sort of stunt? Would it even save you any time? I bet these drivers have been sitting there for about five minutes waiting for a bus to come […]

Are you tired of eating juice that isn’t brown?

Then you need the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer! Phuckd is quite a funny blog. Like me, phucker likes to take the piss out of awful late-night television, except he has a lot more exclamation marks. His latest target is the classic teleshopping presentation for Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer. I had never heard of Jack LaLanne […]

Playdate and Party People: Works of comedy genius

I’ve taken the piss out of the late-night television programmes for losers with not enough sex, ITV Playdate and SmileTV / Party People on this blog. For more on these nocturnal televisual travesties, read phucker’s take on: ITV Playdate; Party People. Because I tend to stay up late and, frankly, I am a loser with […]

A missed opportunity

Melua’s deep sea gig sets record Singer Katie Melua has entered the record books by playing the world’s deepest underwater concert. Unfortunately the gig was in an oil rig so she didn’t drown.

Urinal etiquette

There is a highly amusing video doing the rounds at the moment. It explains public toilet etiquette, which is one of the most important things for a male to understand. This also reminds me of The Urinal Game — although it’s clearly not a game; it’s an issue of immense importance. Apparently women’s public toilets […]

It’s good but it’s not right

Superficially Dundee might seem to be most useful as a place for old men to take a piss in doorways. But their Freshers Week definitely has the best events: Catchphrase with Roy Walker. Update: I have a friend who’s attended this. Unfortunately, he is adament that it was shit.


How can three little letters be so offensive? Steve Jobs on his new gizmo (via Guardian Technology blog): It’s called iTV. That’s a codeword. We need to come up with a better name. Sir Peter Burt on the name of his company: I wonder if we should change the name of the company from ITV. […]