Visual chess

Thinking Chess. This is so cool. When it’s the computer’s turn it illustrates the moves it is considering. Beautiful. The pieces are cool as well, even though I keep on forgetting which one is which!

50 Cent, 18 Certificate

Here is something I saw in Game yesterday — a 50 Cent game with an oversized BBFC 18 certificate logo. You don’t think the makers of the game might be using its 18 certificate status as a selling point, perhaps? Having an 18 certificate is a sure-fire way to get kids interested in a video […]

Phones: they make great phones!

Here is iRiver’s “PSP killer”, the G10 (via New Links). Looks nice, but the PSP is bound to win for two reasons: WipEout Pure (a return to form for the WipEout series!) Lumines (the most addictive puzzle game I’ve played in ages) While we’re on fancy new-fangled gadgets, I’ve been hearing one or two people […]

Amazon Xbox shortages

Gamers decry Amazon Xbox shortage. The moral of the story is, if you want your items delivered promptly, never order from Amazon. As anybody who has used Amazon will know, Amazon’s “delivery estimates” seem to be random dates plucked from thin air.

Remote control

What is it with Nintendo and controllers? For the NES they brought out a controller shaped like a brick, but we can forgive them for that since it was the 1980s. But then they brought out the N64 with its stupidly positioned analogue stick. It might have been an innovation that gamers now take for […]