Food and drink


Dave Weeden surfaces, with this excellent quote: “I wonder if anyone’s told the Palestinians who’re proposing to boycott Danish goods that they mostly export bacon and lager?”

Red Bull, Grey Beard

Apparently Vitantonio Liuzzi’s future at Red Bull Racing is in jeopardy, because the groovy drinks company can’t be seen hanging around with a balder. There is still hope though — Red Bull were able to see past David “Greybeard” Coulthard’s obvious deficiencies.

Price cap.

Here is a fascinating article about Starbucks’ ‘short cappuccino’, a method of catering for more price-sensitive customers. (Via)

Banning enough stuff enough

When I see somebody slugging from a can on the train my first reaction is to slowly back away and head to the next carriage. The problem is that if you do this on a GNER train you will end up in the smoking coach addicts’ carriage where not only is visibility reduced to 5cm […]

Red Bull driver scheme scrapped

Red Bull scraps young driver programme. Probably a sensible move — the programme had kind of become a victim of its own success, with Red Bull having to buy a second team to help house their drivers. And now that they have these teams, they hardly need a driver programme to promote their drink in […]