Part 10 of AFX’s eleven-part Analord series arrived this week. Strangely, Analord 10 was the first of the series to be released, but only if you were prepared to pay some silly amount for a binder to hold it in. Now Analord 10 has been re-released as a picture disc. Lovely. The only problem is […]

Rubber Johnny

A DVD landed on my doormat this morning. It’s the latest short film from the weirdo-director Chris Cunningham, who has directed music videos for Autechre, Björk and Madonna, but is probably most famous for his award-winning videos for Aphex Twin. What the hell is Rubber Johnny though? The blurby synopsis thing on the websites probably […]

The Thick of It previewed

Armando Iannucci’s new programme, The Thick of It, is finally starting next Thursday on BBC Four. The Observer has a preview piece on it, and it sounds like it’s going to be one of the very best programmes of the year. …Chris Morris, his friend and collaborator on The Day Today, says [it] ‘is one […]

Nathan Barley trundles on

According to Media Guardian‘s Media Monkey, Chris Morris wants to do a second series of Nathan Barley, which surprises me. What’s not surprising is that Kevin Lygo doesn’t want a second series of Nathan Barley. Who said ratings weren’t important to Channel 4? Personally, I’d rather have a speedy DVD release of Nathan Barley than […]

Nathan Barley

Warning: This post contains spoilers. But I’ll make a few general comments first and put the real spoiler bits past the “click for more…” button. It is probably fair to say that Nathan Barley has had mixed reviews. The usual suspects have been digging in as usual — I’m talking here about the Chris Morris […]

Plaid DVD announced

At last! They have been working on this for years. It’s called Greedy Baby. It’s not really a Plaid DVD – more of a collaboration with their visuals guy, Bob. Plaid were one of the acts playing at the last concert I went to. They were really cool. Some of the videos were great (although […]

More lists (sorry)

Alright, alright. I know I said, “no more rubbish lists.” But it turns out that the Bodysong DVD was released in 2004, and not 2003 as I had thought. Briefly, I’ll say that Bodysong is a very interesting film that reminds me a bit of the late-night Channel 4 programme The Trip, which showed seemingly […]

2004 – DVD

I’ve watched five DVDs from 2004. That’s enough for a list! I’m afraid number 1 is going to be appearing at the top, because I can’t work out away to get lists to appear upside down. Ricky Gervais Live 2: Politics Officially the funniest man in the world, Ricky Gervais returns to the sort of […]

David Gray ruins Monkey Dust

It seems as though the new Monkey Dust DVD comes without the good music, presumably because the BBC couldn’t be arsed paying for it. When Channel 4 released the Jam DVD, almost every single piece of music from the original television programme remained on the DVD. When you consider that Jam is covered wall-to-wall in […]