Tortoise — A Lazarus Taxon

It shouldn’t really be the case that an album of old tracks that never made it onto proper albums is one of the most hotly anticipated albums of the year. But it is very difficult not to get excited about Tortoise’s music, particularly when most of it comes from the band’s most fertile period. A […]

Plaid & Bob Jaroc — Greedy Baby

I’ll be honest here. I’ve gone right off Plaid over these past few years. ‘Double Figure’ is a brilliant album in my view, but everything after that seemed a bit half-hearted. All of their music started to sound the same, and I even remember reading an interview where Ed Handley and Andy Turner pretty much […]

Normal service will resume

Sorry, I haven’t been posting much in the past few days. I got the Big Train DVD for Christmas, and I’ve been watching it just about non-stop ever since. It’s brilliant, and I’m surprised at how much I remember of it given that it was broadcast in 1998 (which will have made me 12 at […]

Nathan Barley DVD

I’ve already written several posts about Nathan Barley (use the search if you want to see what I thought), so I won’t go on too much about the actual programme. But the DVD came out a couple of weeks ago and I have a few more thoughts. Opinion on Nathan Barley still seems sharply divided. […]

The consumer Disney have a clue?

In the eyes of the media company anyway (old Scottish joke alert; sorry). From The Economist: “If consumers even know there’s a DRM, what it is, and how it works, we’ve already failed,” says Peter Lee, an executive at Disney. CoCo on this: Disney executive Peter Lee suggests consumers should be treated like the unknowledgeable […]

Nathan Barley DVD confirmed

Nathan Barley is coming out on DVD! I like that cover (Nath//anBa//rley). The end of this year is going to be far too expensive. I notice that Amazon have it on offer with series one of The Mighty Boosh…

NOTICE: Feeds and URLs may change

I’m posting this in every single category to make sure everybody who might need this gets it. I’ve decided that my categories are a mess, and tomorrow I’m going to attempt to clean them up a bit. I’ll be creating new categories, deleting rubbish old ones, and changing where they go. Some posts might end […]