Weather and walking

Wow, it’s all been even more hectic than I had expected. I’ve got lots that I could write about, but I don’t really have the energy, so I’m reduced to writing a banal post about the weather and my feet. You have been warned. Firstly, the wind yesterday was fantastic! I was eating my lunch […]

Here is that boring post I promised you

It’s looking pretty unanimous on the ‘more personal posts’ front. The score is 8–0 at the moment. You nosy bastards! I’m currently facing up to the fact that the real reason I stopped posting ‘personal’ posts was because I’ve realised that I’m actually a bit rubbish, and writing about myself only reveals a bit more […]

The first of September

The first of September. So we’ve exited the summer, where people only celebrate blogging for no good reason, and which is far too hot anyway. It definitely felt like winter the other day when it was pitch black at 9pm. An uni starts again in a couple of weeks. Gah.

Not just about money

There is a post on the BBC’s Editors blog pointing out Evan Davies’ report on how the recent hot weather has been affecting the economy in so many different ways. Having been working inside a baking shop for the past few weeks in this extreme weather, I’ve seen that in action. Even a Saturday was […]

I hate summer

I know summer is meant to be all about birds twittering, lots of sun and long days. But let’s face it: it’s actually about wasps, sunburn, and the sun rising before you even get to sleep. This ranter is sounding off about Aberdonians complaining about the heat. Now there is lots that you can slag […]

Exciting! Thunderstorm!

I don’t recall thunderstorms being forecast. It has been dull all day, but it was nothing unusual. But when I went downstairs the air felt really heavy; almost oppressive. Then it started raining. Now it’s a full-on downpour complete with the occasional rumble of thunder. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the rain so heavy. […]

Race for the Best coverage

Blood & Treasure has a good post on George Best. I’m glad it’s all over now because I was getting sick of the media constantly reporting his imminent death before it had even happened. Sky News must have been one step away from putting a COUNTDOWN UNTIL LIVER EXPLOSION clock on the corner of the […]

Sleep deprivation and health

There’s a big article, via Plasticbag, in The Washington Post about how sleep deprivation is killing Americans. And presumably everybody else aswell. Sleep is something that I am quite interested in, because I’m rubbish at sleeping. I don’t think I’m an insomniac really, because I have no trouble at all getting to sleep on most […]