UK General Election 2005

Peeking at the postal votes

I watched a bit of Newsnight last night. Martha Kearney said that the reason Labour have been banging on about people voting Lib Dem is because they’ve had a look at the postal votes! See also this comment on Independence. Apparently it’s all legal. How bizzare that, for instance, the BBC aren’t allowed to reveal […]

UK General Election 2005

We’re on the last lap of the election campaign. People have been saying that it was a boring campaign, and I kind of agree. I can’t remember too many election campaigns though, because this is only the fifth general election in my lifetime anyway. I won’t be joining the newspapers in that odd tradition of […]

Unionist party favours independence!

Well, almost (link via Stuart Dickson). Interestingly enough, of the two Tories of about my age that I know, one of them is actually voting SNP. The other one used to be a big SNP supporter — until he moved to England to go to university. This leads me to think that there would be […]


When you hear someone complaining that they’re bored with the election…

Pro-Lib Dem bias?

Ah, I see that now that Greg Dyke has announced that he has switched support to the Liberal Democrats it has “exposed” the pro-Lib Dem bias in the BBC. This is despite the fact that Greg Dyke was a card-carrying New Labour supporter throughout his period as Director General at the BBC. Oh, and the […]

Leaflet review

For ages it felt like we were ignored around here. Few leaflets, and just the odd poster — no less than three from the Lib Dems, and one from UKIP in Kirkcaldy. It is a very safe Labour seat, so it’s not really surprising. But at last, a pile of leaflets have landed on the […]