UK General Election 2005

Veritas 0

Veritas candidate gets zero votes. (Via.) Update: As Nick said in the comments, it was a mistake and has been rectified. Looked funny while it lasted though. I believe that there was one candidate who got only one vote though!

Make Votes Count forum

Where now for voting reform campaign? Check out the discussion forum. Nina Temple: First-past-the-post has reduced the general election to a travesty of democracy. Labour has secured 55% of the seats with 36% of the vote. The Lib Dems with 22% have secured 11%. (figures based on the first 474 results) The system is viciously […]

Election roundup

Arthur’s Seat: A cracking night for the Scottish LibDems, mild anxiety for Labour, disappointment for the SNP and frustration for the Scottish Tories. Contrasting with my view earlier in the evening that it was a good night for everybody except Labour. Looking back, though, the SNP did say that they wanted 6 seats minimum (that’s […]

Morning (afternoon)

Before the election I had two things that I wanted to happen. A reduced Labour majority (under 70 would be good) Lib Dem gains (number of seats in the 60s) Both have been achieved and the fears that were created by that exit poll were proved to be unfounded. The Conservatives haven’t done as well […]

General Election liveblogging

I just got connected, so I’m a wee bit behind. The CY Election Liveblog Guide Bloggers following the Election Live Chicken Yoghurt Europhobia Nick Barlow Doctor Vee Ryan Morrison Curious Hamster Small Town Scribble Phil @ Cabalamat Gordon Brown The UK Today Backword Dave Dear Kitty davblog If You’ve a Blacklist Masochist’s Dictionary Red […]

Kirkcaldy is not behind Gordon Brown?

Just went with the rest of my family to vote. Nice weather. Infact, it’s too hot. Good for Labour? Two journalists from The Guardian interviewed us as we left the polling station. Firstly they asked if we would reveal how we voted. My mother revealed that she voted Lib Dem, and the journalist took it […]

The mysterious Elizabeth Kwantes

Less than six hours before the polling stations open, and there was one candidate who I still didn’t know anything about. I could only find information after a bit of Googling, and following a link on a rather — ahem — colourful website called Equitable Life Members Support Group. And here is her website. So […]

Lib Dem until tomorrow

The Observer Vote-o-matic 2.0: You scored 44 Think about voting Liberal Democrat right until you get into the polling booth. Then vote Labour. Yeah right.

Generate a policy

Tory Policy Generator. Speech at a press conference by Rt Hon Michael Howard MP — CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY — Good morning. Labour will lie about this policy. We, like many people, are fed up with GYPSIES . What if one of them looked at you in a funny way? The News of the World reckons […]