UK General Election 2005

The £1m Tory

“THE scale of the Scottish Tories’ 2005 general election defeat was laid bare yesterday as it emerged that the party spent £1.3 million on a campaign which yielded only one MP and left it with the lowest vote share in its history.”

Big spenders and electoral reform

Top UK election spenders revealed: “…Labour spent £1.90 for every vote it won, compared with £2.03 for the Tories. The Lib Dems got the best value at 72p per vote, although they spent more per seat won than Labour.”

Lessons in democracy from Labour

Hmm, well one person has decided to get all party political with the proportional representation debate. Forgetting the arguments about PR versus FPTP, which are well rehearsed on both sides, what interests me is the Lib Dem obsession with PR. It tells you everything you need to know about them. They don’t believe they have […]

Still the nasty party

They’ve still not learned, according to “a leading Highlands Tory” no less. Sorry to quote such a large chunk of it, but he hits the nail pretty much on the head in my view. Robbie Rowantree… also claimed his party was complacent on race relations, riven by homophobia and stuck in a time warp… He […]

NOTICE: Feeds and URLs may change

I’m posting this in every single category to make sure everybody who might need this gets it. I’ve decided that my categories are a mess, and tomorrow I’m going to attempt to clean them up a bit. I’ll be creating new categories, deleting rubbish old ones, and changing where they go. Some posts might end […]

The new battleground

Now that the election is well and truly over (well, almost) the political landscape looks like a slightly different place.. Firstly, Tony Blair is facing challenges to his “mandate” left, right and centre — literally. The seemingly never-ending criticism from his own backbenchers ever since Friday suggests that even with a majority Blair is going […]

The Thick of It previewed

Armando Iannucci’s new programme, The Thick of It, is finally starting next Thursday on BBC Four. The Observer has a preview piece on it, and it sounds like it’s going to be one of the very best programmes of the year. …Chris Morris, his friend and collaborator on The Day Today, says [it] ‘is one […]