Make My Vote Count

So Kennedy has gone

I can’t say that, on Saturday 7th January 2006, I am surprised that Charles Kennedy has resigned. Earlier on in the week I would have been. It seemed as though there were a few MPs who were unhappy with Charles Kennedy’s leadership, but that he did have the support of ‘grass roots’ members. It certainly […]

Being a non Lib Dem

I recently signed this blog up to’s Top 100 Scottish Websites, one of those topsites thingies. I was curious to see how this blog would compare to other Scottish blogs. It seems as though it compares pretty favourably — at the moment it’s 9th, highest of the blogs that are signed up. Not that […]

Big spenders and electoral reform

Top UK election spenders revealed: “…Labour spent £1.90 for every vote it won, compared with £2.03 for the Tories. The Lib Dems got the best value at 72p per vote, although they spent more per seat won than Labour.”

Why the voting system sucks

The Herald today, via The Sharpener, has an article called Why Scots are cynical about politicians. A better headline would be, “Why the voting system sucks”. The research sums up what I could have told you: …the Scottish electoral landscape… is complex and confusing. With the reduction of MPs from 72 to 59 – reflecting […]

The big question

Smoking out the big (West Lothian) question. Apparently, “The only way to solve it once and for all would be to have no more Scottish MPs at Westminster and a fully independent Scottish state.” Er, no it’s not. How about devolved assemblies for England? (Via.)

West Lothian rears its head again

John Reid was apparently the one who didn’t want a blanket ban on smoking in public places in England. The legislation, though, won’t affect his constituents anyway. Three cheers for democracy!

The omnipresent councillor

Maybe political parties are okay after all. It always seems to be independent councillors who say and do the worst things. Even the Tories are offended by this. An independent West Lothian Councillor, Duncan Maclean, tried to halt Civil Partnerships, saying: Why do these queers have to parade about in public? Eventually, like many bigots, […]