Biased BBC

Off the wall

What happens when you tune in to a flippant football comedy show expecting incisive political commentary?

Bias! Bias! Bias!

Bias at the Beeb (or not). When oh when will the BBC stop employing such lefties to present its political programmes? Via Backword.

A complaint to the BBC

I just made my first complaint to the BBC! Oh yes. It’s about the weather. I blogged about it a couple of days ago: the south of Great Britain appears much larger in proportion to the north of the country. I don’t think this means that people will think that Scotland is an economic backwater […]

Morning (afternoon)

Before the election I had two things that I wanted to happen. A reduced Labour majority (under 70 would be good) Lib Dem gains (number of seats in the 60s) Both have been achieved and the fears that were created by that exit poll were proved to be unfounded. The Conservatives haven’t done as well […]

Pro-Lib Dem bias?

Ah, I see that now that Greg Dyke has announced that he has switched support to the Liberal Democrats it has “exposed” the pro-Lib Dem bias in the BBC. This is despite the fact that Greg Dyke was a card-carrying New Labour supporter throughout his period as Director General at the BBC. Oh, and the […]

Biased Biased BBC

For me, there is a surefire way of telling whether somebody’s opinions matter, or whether they’re a raving crackpot. The idea that the BBC is biased just seems absolutely crazy to me. People having opinions that don’t coincide with yours? Perish the thought. I’ve read so many people arguing that the BBC is biased, and […]

BBC loses viewers – just like all the rest then…

The Observer says “the BBC is a turn-off” because its share of viewers has decreased. Figures published tomorrow will show that the BBC’s audience share has fallen to its lowest level for years. Industry body Barb (the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board), will report that the BBC’s overall share of viewers dropped from 38.3 per cent […]