Biased BBC

Cricket and broadcasting

Not another post about Sky (I really can’t be bothered, although it will be a shame for cricket to be away from terrestrial television), but it’s about the BBC’s regional / national / whatever news policy. I’ve spotted two posts on this today. The comments at Freedom and Whisky are filled with people wanting a […]

Sexist? No, just rubbish

The BBC has been receiving complaints about the latest godawful programme in which some fairy godmother who’s pristine in every way sorts out the lives of those who just can’t get it right. When I saw the advert for Bring Your Husband to Heel, I stomped my feet. Not because it’s sexist, which it probably […]

Big boned band pulls out of TOTP

You can often tell that something odd has happened when lots of people come to your blog searching for the same weird thing. I’ve been getting a lot of visits today from people searching for things like “Magic Numbers walk out TOTP”. After a little bit of digging, I found this article on The […]

NOTICE: Feeds and URLs may change

I’m posting this in every single category to make sure everybody who might need this gets it. I’ve decided that my categories are a mess, and tomorrow I’m going to attempt to clean them up a bit. I’ll be creating new categories, deleting rubbish old ones, and changing where they go. Some posts might end […]

What’s wrong with the word ‘bomber’?

It’s ages since I’ve read one of these op-ed pieces. So that’s why I’ve not been able to think of much to blog about of late. Anyway, via Matt T I see this piece by Nick Cohen: A misguided obsession with objective reporting is undermining the BBC’s credibility as a news organisation Is it just […]

Error rectified

As I hoped, Nick Robinson is back as the BBC’s Political Editor. Of course Robinson is a former Young Conservative. When will those lefties at the BBC learn?