Visiting Guardian Unlimited

Has anybody else been having major problems accessing The Guardian‘s website? For the past couple of days now I’ve not been able to get it to load. Update: Managed to get it fixed now, whatever the problem was…

Jonny Greenwood and Radio 3

Radio 3’s Late Junction had a Jonny Greenwood special last night (you can listen to it here). I think Jonny Greenwood is probably one of the very best musicians around at the moment. He is currently the BBC’s ‘composer in residence’. He was recently voted composer of the year by Radio 3 listeners. But he’s […]

Guardian oldie

My nosy self spotted somebody reading the Guardian Weekly in the train today. I noticed that it hasn’t been updated to the current design of The Guardian which must be well over a year old now. How come?

Sometimes bad people die as well

Razzamatazz complains that everybody who dies is described in nothing but glowing terms. They are never described as a shithouse (Via Scaryduck). But there is one person whose epitaph is rather disrespectful. Now, who can come up with an acrostic that spells ‘shithouse’?

I can listen to Radio Five Live again!

Speaking of Victoria Derbyshire, what a relief it is to have her gone from the morning phone-in on Radio Five Live for the time being. Matthew Bannister is an absolute master compared to the annoying Derbyshire. He should be the permanent presenter, not a stand-in.

Google Reader deleting unread posts

I think I’ve just found out that Google Reader automatically deletes any unread items that are more than a month old. I wasn’t really expecting to find anything too important in those hundreds of unread posts, but I’m still a bit surprised. I’d quite like to think that if something has been ‘unread’, I would […]

Search me

Somebody just arrived at this blog searching for “edinburgh university physics exam time“. Something tells me you’re looking in the wrong place! Here would be more helpful. Whoever you are, you don’t have much time!

It never ends

I had my last exam today! Only to turn up to work and find out that I only have three days off between now and Hogmanay. One of which is Christmas Day. Another of which is tomorrow. And I’m working from 0800–1800 on Boxing Day. They’ve obviously never seen what I’m like at that time […]