If I could do impressions

If I could do impressions I would phone up Rory Bremner posing as Kevin Lygo. I would tell him that his programme was being axed, because he is shit, and his programme hasn’t been funny for at least ten years and those John bores are about as entertaining as sitting on a fire.

Blog awards — we need your help

I’m usually not too keen on blog awards. In fact, I despise all of them except for the ones that I’m nominated for. In other words, I despise all of them. But Clairwil has had a brainwave. For the latest blog awards to emerge, the Metro Best of Brit Blog Awards, everybody should nominate Councillor […]

Mixing It resurrected — sort of

Fans of Mixing It who use should consider joining the Mixing It group! The neat thing is that each group has its own “radio station”. The more diverse the music collections of the group members is, the more eclectic (and there like the real Mixing It) the radio station becomes. I’ve just […]

Drum roll please

I got my eyes tested today, because when I scoffed at the idea on this blog a load of commenters came along to tell me I should go because otherwise I might have eye cancer, or something. My eyesight hasn’t changed.

Terry Kelly will like this

No doubt he will be tearing up his Labour membership card after reading this article: “Dennis Goldie, who is also known for his outspoken opposition to gay rights, is the frontrunner to become the Labour candidate in Falkirk West.” (Via)

The axing of Mixing It pt. 2

Mixing It presenter Mark Russell has an interesting post about the demise of the programme. It certainly seems as though the programme has been quite harshly treated by Radio 3 in its final months. Thanks to Simon Russell who sent me the link.

The last duel

Probably a bit late, but if anybody’s interested there is a programme on BBC Two at 2100 tonight about the last recorded fatal duel to be held in Scotland. It happened 200 years ago on a field just outside Kirkcaldy. Should be an interesting programme.

Radiohead LP7

Dead Air Space (for the uninitiated, it’s Radiohead’s slightly strange blog) is certainly busy these days. Hopefully this is a sign that an album is imminent (at last)! It’s hard to believe that it’s almost four years since their last album. I remember when Kid A came out after a long gap following OK Computer […]