The efficient electronic age

Yesterday I received a letter through the post. It was from my energy provider, congratulating me on choosing to manage my account online and ditch all of that paper nonsense.

The independent Unionist Party

Just a quick post to say that I don’t really understand all of the pointing and laughing currently going on at the suggestion that the Scottish Conservatives might break off from the UK Conservative Party to form a Unionist Party. This is the exact state of affairs all the way up until 1965. It might […]

I am a prude

Actually, I’m not. But I had forgotten about CSS Naked Day, and it would be a bit silly just to take part for half of the day. Anyway, I think (hopefully) this blog works fairly well without the CSS. If you want a look at this blog naked, I know at least that in Firefox […]


Sorry about the outage there. I have no idea how all of that happened. If anything is still broken, please let me know!

Sleeping naked

Here is a website advocating that you should Sleep Naked. I used to do that all the time, except in the very coldest nights of winter. Then I started to think that being naked in the morning made me less likely to get out of bed because it is so cold. So I’ve started wearing […]

Ming has lost it

(It being my vote.) And he isn’t even wanting electoral reform to be a condition. Who the hell am I going to vote for now? Update: Or not.


I just did a slightly scary thing and upgraded WordPress. I’ve had to upgrade a good few plugins at the same time, so I’m not 100% sure everything went okay. So if there’s something up please let me know in the comments or something! Thanks. Update: Well I’ve already found one pretty big problem. Tag […]

No sense of irony

Genuine caller on Radio Five Live this morning, in a discussion about good things that are British: “When you move to other countries you find out that all countries have the same problems, like immigration.”