Please note that I don’t get the chance to update this page very often. The information may be slightly out of date, so please compare the date with the date this page was last updated: 20 June 2010.

About this website

Thanks for visiting this website. Its purpose has evolved over time. Currently it acts as a depository of some my writing on a variety of topics.

Frequently-visited topics on this website include <a href="http://doctorvee.co.uk/category/formula-1/" title="View articles about Formula 1Formula 1, politics, the media, technology and issues relating to Scotland.

I have been running this website since 2004. It evolved out of my original blog which began in 2002, which in turn evolved from my earliest experimentations with websites from around 2000.

Over the years my writing has been featured in a variety of media outlets. I have also been interviewed for BBC radio a number of times. Find out more in the media appearances section.

My other websites

I have a website, Duncan Stephen, which will be kept up to date with all of my activities.

Scottish Roundup is a regular digest of Scottish blogging and other citizen journalism. I created the website and act as its editor-in-chief, and the site features a variety of guest contributions to ensure that a range of views and writing styles are represented.

You can find my motorsport-related online activities at vee8. This was originally is a motorsport blog with a particular focus on Formula 1. Now the vee8 blog has been closed down, and archive articles are now found on doctorvee.

About me

I am Duncan Stephen, a 24-year-old based in Kirkcaldy. I graduated in Economics and Politics at the University of Edinburgh.

I am currently employed as the Web Editor at the University of St Andrews. Needless to say, the opinions expressed on this website are those of me and their respective authors, and not my employers or any other organisation!

Contact me

Feel free to email me: duncan@doctorvee.co.uk. I welcome all relevant emails, be they compliments, complaints or simply requests for a chat.

Special notice for PR companies

I am happy to receive any emails. But if you are a PR company, please stop and think if your story is relevant to me or what I write about. If it is not, I will mark it as spam in Gmail and I will not respond. I will be happy to receive review copies of products, books, CDs, etc — but only if they are relevant.

Find me on social networks

Again, if you want to add me as a friend on any social networks, it might be best to make sure I know who you are. Send me some kind of notice detailing why you want to add me. If I don’t recognise your name, I will probably deny the request.

A note about adverts

This website runs adverts. I do everything possible to ensure that it is clear if you are reading an advert. Where possible, adverts are presented in a different colour scheme to the rest of the content. I do not necessarily endorse any of the products or services that happen to be advertised on this website. The presence of adverts does not compromise the editorial integrity of this website in any way. If it did, I would remove the adverts.


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From time to time the anti-spam plugins I use get a bit over-zealous which means that some legitimate comments do not appear. If you have any problems with comments not appearing, please email me and I will attempt recover it.

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And finally…

I should thank Nathan Bennett for coming up with the Dr. V moniker all those years ago. I salute you!