Horse Shit — Wind problematics

Another dollop of derrière drizzle from Ferrari’s anonymous “Horse Whisperer”.

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The Horse Whisperer has been seeing recently some vicious rumours regarding the poor start to the Scuderia Ferrari season. It is clear that things cannot continue as they are, and we are absolutely determined to reach the bottom of this situations.

However, contrary to vicious media reports, there has not been a problem with the calibration of our wind tunnel. It is undoubted that the on-track performance of the F-150º Italia (or the C-65.56° as it is called in the new monies) does not match up with the figures gleaned from wind tunnel runnings.

However, we can be assured as always of the engineering excellence of which Ferrari is so gloriously famed.

As a result, we cannot escape the conclusion that the laws of physics are conspiring against the Scuderia. It is clear to us now that during the winter the laws of physics were changed in order to disfavour the Ferrari charge. It must be to stop the Scuderia from becoming so dominant.

The tifosi can be rest assured that we are working hard to update our cars in time for Barcelona in order to make full advantage of the new laws of physics.

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