The Krypton Factor’s ITV regions puzzle

I was excited last week when I discovered that the great Gordon Burns is on Twitter. I used to love watching The Krypton Factor when I was a child.

The first thing I thought of was this ITV regions map puzzle. I knew I had to feature it as a television presentation gem of the week.

Is your knowledge of ITV regions strong enough to do this?

Today, the multicoloured map would be gone. There are, at most, four distinct ITV channels remaining. All of England and Wales has been homogenised into a merged ITV, and STV and Grampian has effectively become one STV channel as well.

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  1. Wow I remember this round, I loved The Krypton Factor as a kid! Only an ITV show would have a round featuring its own regions. I miss the regions.

    Hehe: “No disrespect to a fine TV station”