Scottish Vote Compass

It has become de rigueur for every election to have at least one online quiz that tells you how you should vote. The 2011 Scottish Parliament electon has Scottish Vote Compass.

I have not exactly found myself becoming hooked on the Scottish Parliament election campaign. To be honest, I care much more about the alternative vote referendum. Nevertheless, I thought I would give it a go and see what it said.

On this chart, I am represented by the star icon towards the bottom-right.

My position on the Scottish Vote Compass

It is perhaps no real surprise to learn that the Liberal Democrats are my closest match. The Greens are second apparently, although it doesn’t really look like it from the graph to me.

While I was at it, I decided to once again take the daddy of all political quizzes, the original Political Compass.

This time my score was:
Economic Left/Right: 0.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.51

So I have moved a bit to the left, and have become slightly less libertarian, since the last time I took it in 2009 — a reversal of the trend.


  1. Interesting — I ended up a bit left than you (in the social liberal quadrant), and observed the same — that in the chart I’d be closest to Lib Dems, then SNP, then Greens, but on policies I’m apparently closest to the Greens. Personally I’d prefer an SNP win — but alas, I’m not a resident :p

  2. I took this just for fun and came out almost with a bullseye, does that make me boring? 🙂
    A smidge left-of-centre of the left/right split – by mere pixels – and slightly above the traditional/liberal line by one star-length. Lib Dems are my closest party which I feel is accurate.
    I’m not Scottish though (and had no idea there was a Scottish Parliament election this year..), perhaps the typically-English answers I gave about where MPs should vote explains why it says my second party are the Tories, when I wouldn’t vote for them in a million years and on the graph they are the party furthest from my star.