1. Whereas ours, since we shut down the site last summer and then quietly re-started it a little bit without telling anyone, have been donated to the British ski jumping team. BIG scary drop then a little uptick at the very last moment…

  2. Good work Andy. Always wondered why Brits on Pole quietly shut down then quietly opened up again! Looking forward to reading more this year!

  3. A lot of reasons, really.

    Ultimately, we were running a full-time newsroom on no money, liveblogging F1 races instead of enjoying watching them, rushing out IndyCar reports at 4am and writing reviews of F3 Euro Series races that no-one would ever read, and a point came when we just couldn’t see why we were doing it any more.

    But it seemed a shame to let the site die completely, and after a few months away the idea of resuming on a limited basis seemed not too horrendous. Plus, we were (and are) still working for Duncan Tappy and Sam Bird, so it’s not like we’d walked away completely. And the Twitter and Facebook follower numbers still crept up even after we’d gone dark. So we thought, why not?

    But we’re only going to do stuff where we can add value. Opinion pieces, interviews, photos from password-only team media sites that most fans won’t get to see, coverage of drivers who don’t usually get coverage, plus a few of our own personal favourites and hobby horses. There’s no point in us becoming yet another site re-hashing the latest Team Lotus press release or providing times from F1 free practice sessions.

    So I’m off to Silverstone for GP2 testing tomorrow, and we have an interview with Mark Blundell in our notebooks that we’re working on writing up, but I’m not sure what we’ll be doing for F1 Malaysia or IndyCars in Alabama.

    We’re back, but not the same as before…

  4. Thanks for the explanation Andy. It always looked like a lot of work, especially since, I seem to recall, you were even producing reports on GP2 when there weren’t even any British drivers! Good luck for the future of the website.