Professor Eric Maskin lecture in St Andrews

There was great excitement at work yesterday when I updated the University of St Andrews homepage to advertise some exciting news related to economics, which was my chosen subject in a previous guise.

A public lecture is being given by Professor Eric Maskin on the subject of how Members of Parliament should be elected. Very interesting in the context of the AV referendum coming up in May.

Pop fact: Nobel Prize winner Eric Maskin lives in the same house that has in the past been occupied by two other Nobel laureates, one of whom was Albert Einstein. He has also been known to dress up as Einstein.

When I was a student at the University of Edinburgh a few years ago, I saw him give a lecture on the same subject. I would highly recommend going along if you have an interest in economics, public choice theory or voting systems.

The lecture is open to the public and is taking place next Tuesday, 22 March at 17.15.

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