Horse Shit – Rubber intrigues

Ferrari’s Horse Whisperer suffers another bout of botty bother in Barcelona.

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It was of greatly surprise for the Horse Whisperer to see, once again, competitor teams copying the approach of the famous Scarlet brand. It was very intrigue that other teams also are running the Pirelli rubbers during Valencia testing, just as Ferrari are doing so.

We suppose it should be a compliment that once again rival teams copy the Scuderia approach in selecting the world famous tyre manufacturer of Boobies Calendar reknown. After all, we have seen this before when all the teams followed suit in running Bridgestone rubber years after Ferrari began doing so.

But because the Prancing Horses is a team of immense integrity, we will rise above it all and will not lodge any complaint or make any sort of fusses about it whatsoever.

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  1. You really grabbed the swing of Horse Whisperer’s posts, Duncan!

    Are you perhaps suggesting some kind of “favour treatment” for Ferrari, since both companies are italian? It is of great intrigue to me 😉