Horse Shit – F150 is not a truck

I am making an early return to reveal an exclusive unpublished bum belch from Ferrari’s ‘Horse Whisperer’.

Horse Shit logo

It is greatly amuse to see that the unrefined ones at Ford Motors Company are miffed with our choice of the ‘F150’ designation for our latest F1 challenger (car). The reasonings behind ‘F150’ name are the clearest for all to see. In celebration of 150 years since the reunionification of Italy, we use the number 150. Then we stick an F on front of it. Purely obviousness.

In fact, it is clear for all to see that it is Ford who are the opportunistic ones for attempting to associate their pickup truck — which as far as the opinion of the Horse Whisperer can see is two steps removed from crappy mini-lorry — with the piece of beauty and artwork that is the true F150. In fact, we threaten with legal action the all trucks of Ford running in the colour Scarlet, as this is a clear breach of the Ferrari world-class brand.

And before anyone make any wise cracks about F150 being an apt name for our grand prix car in case we have produced a shitbox this year, let me be the first one to point out that we have not produced a shitbox, and this is not a funny joke anyway. The Fords are the joke in this situations, and you have an ugly face.


  1. I’ve heard about the horse whisperer. I hope this piece isn’t the real deal, and is an imitation horse whisperer, as this not funny and puerile. I would expect something better form Ferrari.

  2. Infact it must be a fake as there is nothing on the Ferarri website to suggest that Horse Whisperer has added a new entry.

  3. Hahaha, brilliant!

    Then again, I wouldn’t surprised me if Luca di Moutha-never-shutup did come out and hoarsely whisper that sort of nonsense. 😛