A confession

Despite my blog post on Saturday about why I was going to miss the Korean Grand Prix, I need to confess that I actually did end up watching it live! Not only did I sit through the pre-race coverage, into massively delayed start and then the entire race, but I also watched the BBC’s F1 Forum on the red button!

I was very impressed with my friends, who offered me the living room to myself to sleep in so that I could get up when I wanted to watch the race! Not only that, but when the others emerged they tolerated me watching the F1 Forum. As lookingspiffy said to me on Twitter yesterday, it’s good to have a bunch of friends that appreciate how much it means to me, even if they don’t quite understand it!

However, it does mean that I won’t get the chance to find out if missing a race is good for the soul until some other time in the future. It looks like I made the right decision to get up for this particular race though, given all the issues that the BBC’s mid-race channel-switch caused with iPlayer and PVRs!


  1. I’ve missed a race before, I just avoid finding out the result then watch the coverage on the iplayer or sky plus (wouldn’t have worked out this weekend though!)