I always knew that one day there would be a digital craze that would sweep the nation, but leave me at a loss. Foursquare is that craze.

I know a lot of people struggle to see the point of Twitter. But at least at its core it is a communication platform. There is plenty of scope to say something interesting on Twitter.

But what is Foursquare about?

Oooh, look at me – I’m having my lunch!

Oooh, look at me – I’m at a fancy bar!

Oooh, look at me – I’m in a posh restaurant!

I might get it if it wasn’t such a laborious process to have to check-in somewhere. If it was a matter of one button press, I would probably do it. But it takes ages to do it. What a faff! Maybe the fancy bar isn’t so interesting after all…

Now that Facebook Places has launched, this sort of thing will probably get a lot more common. But what does it add to the world?


  1. I really dislike this whole ‘Here is where I am’ fad going on right now. I find it very creepy. Facebook Places is kinda like the last straw for me, especially as you can’t hide it from your updates feed. Hate it!

  2. I found one good use for it. An SNP friend had “checked into” Victoria Quay and told everyone. I suggested it was inevitable there’d be a change of mayor next May.

    Otherwise yes, could not agree more. But then I resisted Twitter and Facebook and, back in the day, mobiles, so perhaps I’ll succumb too. I seriously hope not.

  3. The point is to ensure *everybody* knows you’re not home so they can vandalize/rob your place. Isn’t it?

  4. Completely agreed! Can’t people just do something on their own?
    The other one is Formspring, the one where people tweet ‘ask me anything!’… or… ‘drop what you’re doing and ask me about my life, I’m far more important!’ and all the answers appear as links in their feed for the next hour.

  5. Actually I’m a 4sq junkie… I like the idea of trying to gain badges by checking in to different types of venues. It’s certainly made me explore some good places I would never have gone to before. I also like the competitive nature of mayorships, especially at the local level. The mayorship offers are good too in theory (such as money off at Wetherspoons and free pizza at Dominoes), although I’ve not got one yet. You don’t have to share your location with anyone at all to take advantage of any of this – you can check in to places and notify your 4sq friends, cross-post it to FB/Twitter, or just check in completely silently, and still be in the running for all the badges, mayorships and offers… Yo’re right about the long winded checkin process though, at least on the Nokia “official” app, although the unofficial Nokia “Gravity” app just takes about two taps, so that’s pretty quick.

    Being a geek, I also liked playing around with the API, and made