Walkers crisps — a miscellany of moans

Limited edition crisps

Walkers’ limited edition crisps are marketing genius, but culinary crap. Am I the only one to have noticed that Walkers just wheel out the same flavours over and over again? The only difference is the names.

From the current World Cup series, I have definitely had ‘French garlic baguette’ some time before. And surely there are no prizes for guessing that ‘Dutch Edam’ is yet another name for what was previously their Cheddar cheese flavour, which has also been ‘feta cheese’ and a few other things in the past.

Smaller packets than John Prescott

While I’m at it, why is a packet of Walkers crisps never enough? They are not exactly filling, are they? I am sure I normally polish off a packet within a couple of minutes, and I never feel any less hungry afterwards.

Unacceptable deviation from standard crisp packet colours

And has anyone ever got to the bottom of why their cheese and onion crisps are blue, while salt and vinegar are green? This policy completely goes against everything we learnt about the colours of packets of crisps when we were growing up.

I ask all the tough questions.


  1. I like a good rant!

    I have to say I’ve noticed a similarity between the Argentina steak and whatever variant they roll out from time to time (but different to the normal beef/steak/whatever). I just put it down to steak being steak. I’m sure I’ve had Brazilian Salsa before too..

    I think some are a different, others are shall we say… more subtle?

    And yeah the bags in multipacks are tiny, note how the individually sold ones are larger, and I’m not on about the Big Eat bags..

    There’s probably something wrong with me in that you’ve been coming out with these good blog posts and the one motivating me to comment is about crisps!

  2. Hahah, it means you know what’s important Pat. 😉

    Believe me, this thing about the size of those multipack bags has been building up for a while. Eating that packet of ‘French garlic baguette’ was what made me snap!

  3. Stay away from the regional selections – they are grim!
    As to size, as an erstwhile calorie obssessive, they are plenty big enough – 200 calories of grease (well, 180ish) – as a snack!

  4. I’m boycotting anything with a World Cup tie-in so can’t comment on the flavours, but I only eat ready salted and smokey bacon anyway – have they been re-badged?


  5. Graeme, no, they’re still there, I have a multipack of Smoky Bacon in the cupboard downstairs, as well as a solitary reamining “Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding”, which no one seems to like.

    And yes, multipack bags are smaller, 23g instead of 30g. This actually suits me, as I tend to have a pack of crisps and something for a snack, instead of just a pack of crisps. But we do try to buy wholesale boxes of flavours we like instead, then you get proper sized packets instead. Getting them is harder, but a local newsagent or similar can normally be helpful on that.

    Sometimes, I like a limited edition flavour, othertimes I don’t. Having “steak” rolled out repeatedly bothers me not, I like them regardless. Same with the garlic ones, lovely, would be happy to see them on standard release.

    Others not so much; the yorkshire pudding ones are terrible.

  6. Interesting about the Yorkshire pudding crisps, I am quite sure I have had them and I can’t actually remember much about them. Obviously I can’t have thought they were that bad!

    It’s a shame you can’t get standard sized packets without actually buying a whole bloomin box. I do find the multipack bags to be far too stingy!

  7. VEGETARIANS BEWARE – For years I have brought and enjoyed Walkers crisps of all different flavours. Yesterday I brought a lmulti pack containing three new flavours, Roast Beef, American Cheeseburger & Garlic baguette. Unfortunately I have to throw 1/3rd of the crisps away. The reason is that the Roast Beef flavour is not suitable for vegetarians. I know that if I had looked at the small print I would have seen that the Roast Beef contains Poultry Broth but does anyone really have the time to look at all the small print when shopping. Walkers Beef crisps are vegetarian and so I had no reason to think that the Roast Beef flavour should not be the same. I believe that somewhere on the outside packet it should clearly state not suitable for vegetarians. I wonder how many other vegetarians have brought & eaten these crisps without realising what is in them. And those who are not vegetarian may be surprised to find out they are eating bits of chicken that normally end up in pet food etc