As if the real Kate Nash wasn’t bad enough

I do enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest. I can’t stand other Saturday night television extravaganzas, but there is something different about Eurovision. Probably the fact that it’s actually a contest. I like trying to work out what the countries are trying to achieve by entering the songs they enter — the strategic element is a big part of it for me. Of course, the voting is great fun too.

This year the voting all went Germany’s way. (So much for all that Balkan and Baltic bloc voting!) They romped away in a similar fashion to Norway last year. Germany’s strategy was to enter a Kate Nash look- and soundalike. Although it did bring perhaps the greatest mockney accent ever, I cannot stand the real Kate Nash, never mind someone who wants to be like her.

Incidentally I recently had the misfortune to watch Kate Nash performing (it wasn’t my idea, honest). She is an utter charisma vacuum.

Adam and Joe had the right idea about Kate Nash. It seems as though the good voters of the Eurovision countries don’t see things the same way, and voted for the Poundland version. Congratulations to Lena Meyer-Landrut though.

As for my preferred option, I began to develop an unhealthy obsession with Russia’s entry, ‘Lost and Forgotten’ by Peter Nalitch and Friends, as the week progressed. I absolutely love that moment when Peter Nalitch is “looking at her photos”. Genius.

My other favourites included Ukraine (who always seem to enter good songs!), Bosnia & Herzegovina (which I disliked at first, but it really grew on me), Belgium (which seemed like an attempt to copy Norway from last week, but I liked it), Greece (OPA!) and Armenia (for which there were two very good reasons).

In fact, the highlight of the night for me was definitely Armenia, and all the absolutely hilarious comments everyone was posting on Twitter about Eva Rivas’s breasts.

Looking forward to next year!


  1. […] 120 million people were watching the show listening to Graham Norton’s commentary and Doctor Vee who was watching writes as if the real Kate Nash wasn’t bad […]

  2. I voted for Turkey, but I reckon the strobes might’ve cost it. That and it wasn’t Eurovision-ey.
    If we’d known a faux-Cockney would win we’d have entered our own, there are enough of them..