General election predictions

Last week, blogger extraordinaire and all-round-good-egg Malcolm Harvey invited me to predict the outcome of the general election in Scotland. You can see Malc’s predictions here.

I see no harm in sharing my predictions. I won’t, however, share the rationale, because there isn’t much of one. My main prediction, though, has been that Labour will lose a few marginal seats. Feel free to download my seat-by-seat predictions, but the bottom line is as follows:

Party 2005 Current 2010 Prediction Predicted Vote %
Labour 40 39 35 34
Lib Dem 11 12 15 21
SNP 6 7 8 23
Conservative 1 1 1 17
Speaker 1 0
Other 0 0 0 5

I think I may have been a bit harsh on the Conservatives. I would have given them two seats, but felt like being a bit cheeky by predicting that David Mundell would lose his seat, and that instead the Conservatives would win Dumfries and Galloway from Labour.

Apart from that, I have played it safe with my predictions. What do you think? Tomorrow I will look back and see how I did. Is it unrealistic to aim for 55 out of 59?

In case anyone is wondering, I won’t be around for much of this evening. Though I would love to be sitting watching the television coverage and posting sarcastic remarks on Twitter, I have decided to sacrifice the fun and will instead be actually involved in the election in the flesh, right into the wee hours. Hopefully the experience won’t put me off politics even more!…

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