The future of this blog

The observant among you may have spotted that it is a month since I wrote a post for this blog. It is interesting that I have not even found the motivation to write about the General Election. This is not a conscious decision — I genuinely have not been moved enough to put finger to keyboard.

This is due to a combination of factors. Partly, I became disillusioned with politics a couple of years ago and have not felt the need to write about it for a long time now. But it goes beyond politics writing.

Just now I don’t have as much spare time as I would like. Depending on whether I can borrow my dad’s car or I have to take the bus, I am currently spending between two hours and three-and-a-half hours a day commuting.

The spare time I have left is spent on other activities. Partly, that is finding somewhere closer to my work to move, so that I can build some more spare time into my life. Finding somewhere to live in north east Fife is not as easy as I would like, but I think I am getting closer.

I also lost a lot of my motivation for blogging, and have turned my attention to more relaxing pursuits. After around a ten-year hiatus, I have rediscovered gaming after my truly awesome brother got me an Xbox 360 for Christmas! I may blog more about that in future, but for anyone interested my gamertag is ‘doctorvee‘!

Anyway, the point is that blogging seems like so much hard work in comparison to unwinding pretending you’re Travis Pastrana. Those who follow me on Twitter may know that recently I had a minor bout of blog depression, when I wondered what on earth I should to about that blog I don’t bother to maintain any more. It had become less fun and too hard-going.

The problem was that I had begun to feel like everything I was writing was inflicting readers with something they didn’t necessarily want to read. This was exacerbated when I merged vee8 (my old Formula 1 blog) with doctorvee. I originally separated out the content because I realised that my F1 posts had such a different audience to the rest of my posts.

This was echoed in the responses on Twitter. Some people said that I should continue, although they personally skipped over the F1 posts. Others said that I should continue, although they only ever read the F1 posts.

I found it easy to get wound up about that sort of thing, but at the end of the day no one minds and certainly no-one dies. Part of the reason for merging the blogs again was to help me become more at-ease with that. But I got neurotic about overwhelming the blog with F1 commentary.

The problem was that I had turned this blog into something where I felt as though everything I published had to be a beautifully-written, 1,000+ word long potential Pulitzer prize winner. Quality control is good, but I had gone too far the other way.

My best blogging years were between 2004 and 2006, when I was more prolific, more spontaneous, and more hit-and-miss. The quality was lower, but the readership was higher, and I had much more fun that way.

So this is just a heads-up to say that I will be making an effort to nudge this blog back in that direction again. I have made a few subtle design changes to make me feel more comfortable about that (the main one being to reduce the font size of the post titles to make them less preposterous if I am writing about something frivolous or personal). There may be a few more to come as well — I will probably experiment.

The upshot of it is that there will probably be a change in tone around here. There will probably be more posts, and I will try to become a bit less squeamish about writing about myself again.

But as you can see from this post, I still can’t resist allowing the word count to go sky high!

Thanks to everyone on Twitter and Facebook who offered their support and advice about where I should take this blog.


  1. I know that blog angst feeling, as I often get it when I go off elsewhere, having life experience.

    Also recognise the guilt about getting the balance of posts right between the serious and the frivolous (though my blog is purposely weighted to be more frivolous anyway) especially as my, ahem, ‘frivolous’ ones are pre-loaded so I have to keep up with their momentum.

    Best of luck with the house hunting.

  2. Happy to see you blogging again in whatever capacity makes you feel best. I’ve missed reading your writing during the past month.

    Good luck with finding the right house and the right balance.

  3. Reports of my awesomeness are some way wide of the mark…

    I think it’s interesting that at a time I’m becoming less interested in actually playing games, you’ve moved more in that direction. But then I have too many educational things I want to do just now.

  4. Hi Duncan.

    I’m missing your Vee8 alter ego and so your post about F1…they were sooo good…

    I’ve been looking everyday for a post about the China GP, so much things….and your opinion would have been very much apreciated for me….

    Well, a mess with my english as usual, but i miss your post.


  5. Hi, Duncan.

    All my support with the issues about being a blogger, I really miss the days of vee8, but be sure I will be following you very often in the merged doctorvee website.

    I understand all the hard work behind this blog, as it happens I myself began collaborating periodically in a spanish website about F1. I usually write a post every two weeks, and even requires all my attention and effort, so be sure I really appreciate all the good work you are making here, and I keep suggesting your website and texts about F1 to the readers and writters of our own blog.

    Greetings from Spain.