Real life intervenes

Hi everyone. Thanks, as ever, for persevering with me and the infrequent updates on this blog. Real life is intervening, and while this is good for me personally, it does mean that I have less time to dedicate to updating vee8.

You may well have noticed that my “daily news updates” are now seldom updated daily. I’m afraid I don’t have the time to read all the F1 websites every day any more. I plan to continue the feature in some form in the future, but it will have less breadth and will be less frequent. I have not yet decided exactly how it will work yet — maybe it will become a weekly update.

In the meantime, for regular links goodness I highly recommend Keith’s updates at F1 Fanatic.

I promise to try and maintain the blog section as normal. I don’t have as much time as I’d like, and I have so far failed to produce the following articles that I should have published:

  • An analysis of Jenson Button’s Championship victory
  • A review of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (okay, maybe not…)
  • A season review series (including driver and team rankings)
  • An analysis of the BBC’s coverage in 2009

Fingers crossed, I will get these published before Christmas.

Over the winter I will think about the future of vee8. I fully aim to keep vee8 running and will do what I can to make sure it does. But it may not be possible, in which case there are a few other options that I might resort to.

Thanks again to all of you who continue to read, and those who contribute in the comments section. It is heartening to see that so many regulars like to stick around and I’m grateful for your loyalty.


  1. Hello Duncan.

    I hope you’re not thingk in finishing definetly with the blog….
    True, real live is always there, friends, family, partner, work, but as when you had the same reflexion last time, about finishing with the dayly news, i have to say exactly the same… Not please 🙂

    But even so, i think lots of us, your readers, would be more than happy with only a well written (as always) article per week, for news and scandals and so, we have other sites for reading 😉

    Good luck with your “real life” and don’t leave us, i would not survive a second-favorite-blog quitting this season :-O

    Kisses 🙂 and as always, sorry for my english 🙂

  2. Thanks EGC!

    I am considering closing this blog, but I am undecided. I will certainly keep writing about F1, but perhaps elsewhere. I would like to see if I can keep this blog open though. At least I have the winter period to think about it and see how things go. 🙂

  3. Dr Vee, I would be very sad to see you cease writing, but I understand how real life gets in the way of things. I can only echo EGC & state that I would be happy to see you continue in a reduced form, quality over quantity !

  4. It would be missed – I like to come here for your take on all things F1 from time to time. That said, I’ve been pondering the same thing with my own blog (Motorsports Ramblings) – for a number of reasons. It takes up a lot of time, visitor numbers have levelled off, and more and more of the professional F1 journalist fraternity are now blogging, which leaves me wondering whether I’m really adding anything to what’s already available. When I started, I hadn’t so much as seen a motorsports blog (I wasn’t the first, but I started without having been inspired by anyone else’s) but four years on, there are hundreds of them. Some very good, some less so, but it does leave me uncertain what the value of my own site is…