Another successful bloggers’ meetup

As you have no doubt seen if you are a regular reader, there was a meetup of bloggers on Thursday. What a good evening it was too — plenty of friendly chit-chat and drinks.

So thanks to those who came and made it such a great evening:

Special mention to those who went out of their way to come, especially Wendy, Yousuf and Holyrood Patter who went through to Edinburgh from Glasgow. It was good to meet some people again, and great to meet some people for the first time. Will Howells, whose blog I have been reading for years and years, even popped down briefly to Holyrood 9A between shows after we had vacated the Pleasance due to the deteriorating weather.

The last time we had a meetup, there was a special guest in the form of Iain Macwhirter, fresh from calling us bloggers “ejaculators”. But despite Malc’s best efforts, no surprise guests turned up.

However, Tom Harris was there in spirit. Well, maybe not in spirit, but in the form of twenty pounds which he kindly donated towards a round! That was good of him.

It was a shame some people were unable to make it, but I get the sense that it won’t be too long until the next bloggy get-together. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and as Jeff noted the whole thing went very quickly which is a good sign. The next one will probably be soon, and will probably be in Glasgow to make up for all of our Edinburgh encounters.

Check out Stephen’s blog for a report, and Steve’s blog for the photographic evidence.


  1. Congratulations on another successful blog-meet in Edinburgh and for linking to other reports of it.

    We’re having our own blog-meet up here in Nairn next Wednesday evening – we’re hoping to expand our numbers just a little beyond the three who made it for our first meet here in February last. There is quite a variety of recently-started blogs up here, not all of whom seek to maintain total obscurity of identity.