Meetup information — date settled

The votes are in, and 27 August won by one vote! (I know it looks like it won by two votes, but one person had to change their plan after they’d already voted.) I would actually have preferred the 25th and I was sorely tempted to ignore the vote, but we wouldn’t want another Scottish election scandal on our hands. So 27 August it is. We can kick things off at around 6pm.

There wasn’t any overwhelming verdict on whether we should see a show. Seven people wanted to see one (but were split on which one to see), and six didn’t. I think as a compromise we can let those who’d like to see NewsRevue see it, while everyone else can have a chat.

In terms of where our meetup will take place, that would tend to lead us somewhere around the Pleasance Courtyard. I’ve never been for a drink there and actually come to think of it I couldn’t suggest anywhere else because I’m not familiar enough with Edinburgh’s booze scene! That rather raises the question of why on earth I’m organising this thing, but shh!

Last year we met at the Udderbelly which seemed quite good, but is a five or ten minute walk for the NewsRevuers to make.

So if anyone can provide any more solid suggestions in terms of meeting and having a chat round a table, do let me know in the comments and I’ll update this post when we’re settled.


  1. Happy enough not to go to a show, particularly as I’m coming in from Glasgow!

    No preferences for venue, again because I don’t know Edinburgh well enough – will head along to wherever is decided whenever I make it in.

    Thanks for organising this, Duncan x

  2. Good organising Duncan. For drinks, we have the Pleasance itself, World’s End and The Tass on Royal Mile or the Brassmonkey if we feel familiar enough to lie on a big bed together. (They also have old-skool seating). I’m a big fan of Pleasance so my vote goes to there. Ps i daresay the show idea will ultimately prove to be all or noone

  3. Looks like the Pleasance is the best option. We’ll need to find some way to distinguish ourselves so that people can find us. Maybe we could raise a little flag with the Blogger logo on it…

  4. I’m sure the evening will be a great success. The Runrig concert is on a Scone Palace on the 29th so I have to save my energy for that occasion.

  5. Do you really think a meetup with a hodge-podge of SNP and Unionist bloggers will be best served by having to decide which flag we should use to put on the table?

    Dangerous Duncan, very dangerous 😉

    Pleasance shouldn’t be that busy on a weekday that early in the evening but you’re right, something that will distinguish us would be a good plan. (By the way, pleasance is free wi-fi if anyone really has a burning desire to liveblog it)

  6. Sounds like a good evening plan Duncan. Good effort. We could do what I did that last time, and wear a particular coloured jumper or something. Or (as Stephen Glenn did) take a teddy-bear as a distinctive item.

    PS – I vote for the Jamaican flag. Anything that can be associated with Usain Bolt makes for a good spectacle in my book!

  7. Thanks for the thoughts everyone.

    I think we will make it the Pleasance Courtyard and if it is too busy we can move on and I’ll update Twitter to let everyone else know? Bit of a risky strategy I guess.

    I will have a good think about distinguishing items, clothing and the like. I’ll put up another post in the next couple of days finalising the plans.

  8. Well Lionel will be more than happy to put in a return appearance for all those who don’t know any of us.

    Though follow the sounds to the heated debate about Megrahi and you probably won’t be far off. Just maybe not able to distinguish quite who is of which party. 😉