Meetup latest: vote on our plans

A meetup of bloggers is planned for next week in Edinburgh.

Having looked at the initial round of feedback, I have decided that two dates in particular stand out as the most suitable: 25 or 27 August. Alternative possibilities are 26 or 28 August. Personally, I am erring towards 25 August, but if more people can come on one of the other dates we can go with that.

So that I can get a sense of everyone’s availability, I have set up a poll so that people who are thinking of attending can let us know which dates suit best. We will probably go with the date that has the most votes.

I know, I know. Voting is often a pointless activity. But may I remind you that it is your civic duty to vote. Plus, with the relatively small numbers that will be attending I can assure you that your p will be relatively large.

[polldaddy poll=”1890299″]

We are also thinking about going to see a show at the Fringe as part of the meetup. This may not be to everyone’s taste — some might prefer to chat and do meetup-type stuff.

Jeff has suggested NewsRevue, which starts at 6pm at the Pleasance Courtyard. Stephen has suggested About the Scots which is at 8pm at the Beehive Inn on the Grassmarket.

Personally, I am erring towards NewsRevue because it might end up being cheaper (Jeff says he might be able to get half price tickets). Also, the earlier start time means that people can avoid it more easily if they wish by just popping along a bit later, and it leaves more time for chat after the show has finished.

If you would rather not go to see a show though, I have included that as an option on the poll too.

[polldaddy poll=”1890349″]

Of course, the choice of show almost makes our choice of venue for us, so I will wait until we have settled on an answer before we finalise those plans.

I will take the poll results as they stand at noon on Friday which gives you about two days to vote, while giving people plenty of time to plan ahead for the meetup if they need to.



  1. I’m edging towards the 27th. Basically because I have tickets for Daniel Schloss on the 25th. But of course I big enough, ugly enough and bad enough to catch up with you lot before/after seeing an alternative show.

  2. I’m out on the 26th all evening (on another meetup/pissup + Fringe show)

    So I’d prefer the 25th when I’d be quite fresh or the 27th where I’ll be a bit messily unkempt.

    or indeed the 28th but Friday would probably guarantee a low(ish) turnout.

    Is the BBQ still on?

  3. Duncan

    Thanks for all the work you’ve put in on organising this. I’m so sorry I probably won’t be able to come unless there’s a dramatic improvement in my health between now and then – but next time maybe.

    Hope you all have a wonderful time, and hope that some of you will send the occasional tweet.