Gordon Lennon

Despite my lukewarm relationship with football, I was very sad to hear about the death of Dumbarton FC captain Gordon Lennon yesterday. He was killed in a car crash while on a family break.

Dumbarton players celebrate Just a few weeks ago, in the first football match I had attended in years, I watched him captain Dumbarton in a dominant victory against Elgin City. Gordon Lennon was probably the player that struck me the most as I watched that match. He was a distinctive presence, tall and skilful.

That match, Dumbarton effectively sealed the Division 3 Championship. In the photograph I featured in my article about the match, you can see Gordon Lennon on the very left of the picture. He appeared to be the figurehead of the celebrations.

As my dad noted, he celebrated with his now five month old child, Kai. All thoughts are with Kai, and his partner Kelly.

The circumstances could hardly be more tragic. In addition to recently becoming a father, Gordon Lennon recently completed his studies too. After leading Dumbarton to the Division 3 Championship, he said, “Nothing I have achieved in football even comes close.” Not being so heavily interested in football, I didn’t know him well, but by all accounts he was a thoroughly decent person too. It’s so cruel for this to happen to someone who was so well regarded and had so much to look forward to.

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