#maxout – the Twitterverse has spoken

There is a great F1 community on Twitter these days. There are lots of knowledgeable and passionate people out there.

Sadly, I have had to curtail my involvement in the F1 Fanatic liveblogs due to some technical issues with the software that have baffled me. But having Twitter open during sessions is an adequate replacement. It’s a great way to keep in touch with fans across the world as the action happens.

MAX OUT! Save F1 If you follow the @vee8 Twitter account, you may have seen that the avatar has changed to read: “MAX OUT! Save F1”. That is me playing my part in the campaign among some Twitter-using F1 fans to express opposition to the way Max Mosley runs Formula 1. There is an associated hashtag, #maxout.

I believe the trend for MAX OUT avatars was started by Twitter user @SarahAnnGreen. Since then, a variety of Twitter users have jumped on board the campaign. Oh, and if you’re wondering why we want Max Out, there is a pretty good explanation of one of the reasons over at F1 Fanatic.

Max Out avatars

Some of these avatars are used by more than one person, but here are the accounts I saw them at (from L-R):
vee8, SarahAnnGreen, kayels, caronmlindsay / DoubleRay, brawngp_fanblog, aaroncorby, McLaren_Fan, kazb711, biogoo, tkei, formulacyan, F1_Girl

If you feel like changing your avatar too, Andrew Murdoch, who tweets @brawngp_fanblog, has a full set of avatars made in each of the teams’ colours.


  1. Hi Duncan

    Aren’t the avatars fabulous? The inspiration came from a certain one I was using during last week. Sarah and I were chatting about where we could go with the campaign and I suggested a Maxout avatar we could use for Twitter and Facebook and, as if by magic, she created it within seconds. Others have adapted it in different colours but mine is her original.

    You’re missing @tim_meakins which is brilliant – an aardvark saying Max out:-)

  2. Great stuff Caron, thanks for the background.

    Would you believe it, I spotted Tim Meakins’s avatar almost as soon as I published this post! I agree it’s great. 🙂

  3. I’ve joined the campaign by temporarily replacing my profile picture with the Force India version of the #maxout logo. Thank you very much, Sarah, for doing the collection and thank you Andrew for making them available to the world.