European Parliamentary Election literature: small parties


Needless to say, the BNP is a pathetic party of mindless xenophobes with moronic policies. Their election leaflet has come in for a ton of criticism too, and rightly so.

My dad picked up on their use of a Spitfire at the very top of the leaflet:

The Spitfire was used in a war against your philosophy, you cretins.

Amusingly enough, the Spitfire pictured on the leaflet was actually used by Polish pilots, not British ones.

On the other side, the following is listed: “TRAFALGAR – THE SOMME – DUNKIRK – D-DAY – THE FALKLANDS”. What is this? Some kind of war-mongering jizzathon?

The leaflet also says you should vote for the BNP: “Because it’s not racist to oppose mass immigration.” Well, maybe it’s not racist. But it is downright moronic and fascistic for these reasons.

There doesn’t appear to be any attempt to tailor this message to a Scottish audience. A paragraph rants about “Lab-Lib-Con” — but there is no mention of the SNP, Scotland’s largest party. And the leaflet contains absolutely no information whatsoever about any of the BNP’s candidates.

Beneath this, is the by now familiar section on “Why We’re All Voting BNP”. You know, the one containing stock photographs which have been used in this way without permission. And the models aren’t even British. The “pensioners” are actually an Italian couple who do not hold the BNP’s views.

Christian Party – Christian Peoples Alliance

I got no leaflet, so I took a quick look at their website. I am not a Christian, so I haven’t spent long looking at the website. Reading their manifestos, their main policies include beginning each meeting of the European Parliament with Christian prayer and enforcing “an EU-wide day of rest” every Sunday.

A bit like the Greens, they also want the economic system to be controlled more, but are vague on how to go about it. Apparently limits will be placed on “complex instruments”. All-in-all, they actually seem very similar to the Greens, but with a God bit in the middle. Not a party for me, but they don’t seem quite as nutty as I first feared.

Duncan Robertson (independent)

It’s a complete mystery. Does anyone know who this person is?

Jury Team

No leaflet again, so I took a look at the website. There is not much there policy-wise apart from a general hatred of party politics. Understandable given recent events, although I am not totally against political parties as I outlined in the previous posts about how to reform politics in the UK.

There is something quite refreshing about Jury Team though, which is that the candidates are apparently totally independent of any kind of party control. Jury Team’s number 1 candidate in Scotland, Alan Wallace, has a blog which is an interesting read. He seems like a measured chap and in the (admittedly rather little) research I have done, there has been nothing that has offended me in the slightest.

There really is very little information policy-wise though. Indeed, Alan Wallace’s blog goes out of its way to point out that it doesn’t really matter what the policies are — what counts is that he will be open and transparent. It’s very well saying that, and I don’t doubt it. But it would be better if there was a little more information on exactly what I might be voting for if I place my cross next to “Jury Team”.

No2EU – Yes to Democracy

No2EU election leaflet Cheese-a-rama. Where have I seen this before? Does anyone really think that the current rise in unemployment has been caused by the EU?

The message from Bob Crow makes No2EU sound a bit like UKIP, but with added socialism thrown in for good measure. Loon-tastic. Like most frustrated socialist parties, they seem to long for a way of life that hasn’t been seen since… well, 1972.

My dad noted that the party’s logo is quite odd. The way it’s written looks like “no²eu”. I wonder what the rationale behind turning the word “to” into a number 2 then the squared symbol is!

Amusingly, this Scottish leaflet invites voters to an “Eve of poll rally — Euston, London”. I’m sure all those out-of-pocket Scottish workers will really easily find the time and money to attend.

A bit of research reveals that No2EU is actually a coalition made up of the following organisations: RMT, Alliance for Green Socialism, the Communist Party of Britain, the Indian Workers’ Association, the Liberal Party, the Socialist Party, Socialist Resistance and Solidarity. Communists? Solidarity? Indeed, Tommy Sheridan is number 2 on the list in Scotland. Yup, that seals the deal. I shan’t be voting for these people.

Socialist Labour Party

We got no leaflet, so I looked at the website. It’s a little bit scary. The design is garish and primitive, and the first words apart from the title are: “Scargill. VOTE SLP JUNE 4TH” That’ll be Arthur Scargill’s vanity party then.

Click on the link and you are told that this is “one of the most important elections since the Second World War.” Eh?


This Ukip leaflet has the same sort of naff symbolism as the BNP one, with a huge image of Winston Churchill dominating the front of the leaflet and making an appearance on the other side. “Say no to the European Union”, the leaflet proclaims, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Winston Churchill actually called for a “United States of Europe”. Ho hum.

Ukip provides some information on their candidates. Their qualifications? One is “Scotland’s best-known horse whisperer.” Another is an “experienced geophysicist.” Still, at least it underlines the point that “Ukip candidates are real people, not career politicians!” — and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Still, you wouldn’t catch me voting for this lot. In these corruption-aware times, it would be a bit silly to vote for Ukip, who are kings of the art. They also have a track record of telling massive porky pies about the EU.

For another view, I liked Currybet’s take on the election leaflets he received.


  1. Duncan Robertson.

    Like you, I was curious who this “Independent” candidate was. Even more curious when I noticed that although listed as a candidate on the BBC Elections09 pages, he is not listed in their page which outlines all the parties and what they stand for ( Although they only offer a potted summary for parties, not independents who just get a name-mention … but not for Mr Robertson.

    I diodn’t find Google very helpful, so my third stop was Wikipedia ( and I think this has finally led me to the right place (

    Any others who are also interested can now follow these links and similarly find out who Duncan Robertson is and what his views are.

  2. “seemingly oblivious to the fact that Winston Churchill actually called for a “United States of Europe”. Ho hum.”

    Yes he did but a slight proviso…

    “We have our own dreams. We are with Europe but not of it. We are linked but not compromised”

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone. Sorry for the delay between publishing and replying — I’ve been out all day.

    Many thanks to MartinGibb and Anonymous for the information on Duncan Robertson.

  4. What the hell is wrong with Nationalism? Multiculturalism has been a disaster. Look at the United States and ask yourself if you really want that? once proud republic has been reduced to tribalism as a result of multiculturalism.

    Guess what… Race is real. It does not go away ever. Racial differences cause discord is a society. You people call this discord racism, but really there is no such thing as racism only tribalism. You can try to ignore this fact if you want, but that does not mean that that these immagrants that you are importing into you land will ignore their tribal orgins. They will all think as a tribe and look out for their tribal interests, to hell with everyone else or abstract ideas of universal equality under the law. They will be out for their tribe against your tribe.

    Enoch Powell predicted this would happen, and it has. Now you have to deal with the problems that anti-racism has created.

  5. Johnnyb, I’m not sure what your point about the USA is. Last time I checked it was the most prosperous country on earth.

    I don’t notice much in the way of problems as a result of multiculturalism, and those that do exist are thanks to a tiny minority of small-minded nationalist bigots. Thankfully most people are not small-minded nationalist bigots, and we get along fine. Indeed, it enriches our lives.

    After all, the British nation is fundamentally based on a mixture of different cultures.

  6. UKIP, for all their faults are the only party wanting out of the EEC. Now when we had a referendum on this subject, we were told the (then) ‘Common Market’ was simply a trading organisation, and had no plans to be any more than that. The only person who I remember predicting the eventual outcome of the ‘Common Market’ was Lord Stansgate, Anthony Wedgewood-Benn, or plain Tony Benn. Who was portrayed as a swivel eyed manic by most!

    If the EEC is such a good idea why are the accounts not signed off, or haven’t been for years. Why does the UK pay the second largest amount in, after Germany? France has a population on a par with the UK, and for many years a larger economy. They get most out! Also it is now reported that Westminster only has control of 30% of laws, and rubber stamps the rest from the EEC.

    I think we were ‘conned’ on the referendum, and denied a further referendum with the Lisbon ‘Treaty’. Which is all but the failed constitution. There are many, many problems around the EEC, including the UK was one of the only countries to accept labour from Eastern Europe, whereas the rest put barriers in the way.

    If we are to stay in the EEC, we should have a level playing field, able to vote on the President, have more control over laws passed in Europe. I am of the opinion this will not happen, so maybe it’s best we leave. Thinking this way, leaves me in a quandary. I can not vote for any major party, they all want to stay in. Do I not vote? Or vote UKIP?

  7. Bert, I don’t think anyone is of the opinion that the EU is perfect. In fact, it has many flaws. But that is not a reason to leave. Westminster isn’t perfect either. Nor is Holyrood. I highly doubt there is any governance system in the world which is perfect.

    In fact, I could compose a list as long as my arm of flaws in the way the UK is governed. Is that a reason to leave the UK? No, it’s a reason to reform.

    Do you have a citation for the “report” that Westminster only has control of 30% of laws. This is an article which you may find interesting.