May 2009

The budget crap — another FIA political ploy

The other big news to come from the FIA last week was its proposal for an optional budget cap limiting teams to a budget of £40 million excluding costs of drivers, engines, hospitality, marketing and fines (because that’s the FIA’s money, duh!). I don’t particularly have a problem with a budget cap in theory. Cutting […]

The FIA, McLaren and Ron Dennis

For a change, the FIA handed out a sensible punishment. I think for what McLaren did, to be banned from any races would have been too much. At the same time, a three race suspended ban reflects the fact that McLaren really should not get caught doing this sort of thing again. I called for […]

Normal service will resume soon

It’s been a while since I have blogged here. Sorry about that. A lot happened last week, and I plan to cover the most important things, starting tomorrow with the McLaren punishment. In the meantime, though, it feels inappropriate to publish what I have written in light of the sad news about Max Mosley’s son, […]

Congratulations to Dumbarton FC

I’m not a terribly big football fan. I used to be interested, but I went right off it early this decade. My theory is that this is down to the fact that the football team I was brought up to support is Dumbarton FC. Despite having been born in Kirkcaldy and lived here almost all […]

Scotweb2 two

For those interested in web 2.0 in Scotland, there will be a second Scotweb2 event this June. Among those attending: digital content marketing firm w00tonomy, Alistair Tibbett from Greener Leith, Iain Henderson from Mydex, Pezholio, Jadu and Learning Pool. The event will take place on 19 June at the Melting Pot on Rose Street in […]