The new podcast to listen to

I will write about the Ferrari issue soon. But before that I just want to put up a quick post about a podcast.

Several times last year, I enthused about The Inside Line podcast, which featured Maurice Hamilton and Ian Phillips. It was without doubt the most insightful podcast around. There was nothing like it for getting a grasp of insider gossip.

I was just floored when it was announced that the British Grand Prix would be moving to Donington. Ian Phillips was the only person I could think of who ever assured us that the idea was really on the cards, and sure enough he turned out to be right! (Well, sort of!) That wasn’t a one-off either.

Unfortunately, it seems as though The Inside Line podcast is no longer being produced. But you can still hear Maurice Hamilton and Ian Phillips having a chit-chat in the new official Force India podcast. Sadly, their discussions are much shorter as part of the Force India podcast than as a standalone product. But it’s better than nothing!


  1. That’s where it went! I love that podcast. Cheers vee 🙂

    Much as I like them they do drive me crazy when they’re supposed to be commenting on FP2 and instead rabbit on about F1 politics. Save it for the podcast!

  2. That is true about FP2! They never talk about what’s going on on the track, but they are usually so interesting to listen to regardless so I don’t mind too much. 🙂