A novel take on online racing games

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

To publicise the new Golf GTI which will be launched in the UK later this month, Volkswagen have produced a fun game, GTI Project. It’s not your normal Micro Machines-style Flash game. Set in the Volkswagen engineers’ work room, it is your job to negotiate a 1:43 slot car version of the Golf GTI across a Scalextric track. It’s an interesting take on racing games, and in my view quite slickly done too.

So because it’s a slot car, you can’t steer left or right. The trick is to get the speed just right going through the corners so that your slot car isn’t thrown off the track and damaged. Three crashes and it’s game over.

Ready - Go

After around 10 goes, I’ve got my time down to 19.64s. The times of 13s currently on the leaderboard seem scarcely believable, but the incentive is there. If your time is among the fastest you will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to drive a new Golf GTI — a real one, that is — for three months. So it’s worth a go!

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